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Neue Broschüre CIM Bewegte Welt
Neue Broschüre CIM Bewegte Welt

New publication: Changing world - CIM 2013/2014

We are living in a changing world: a world in which crises, violence, hunger and natural disasters are forcing millions of
people to leave their homes in search of refuge, security and peace. Against this backdrop, skilled workers are choosing to migrate across national borders, hoping to find better job opportunities, apply their knowledge where it is most urgently needed, and broaden their experience. Around the world, communities and individuals are on the move: some 232 million people are currently living outside their countries of origin.

The evidence shows that the coexistence of different cultures, nationalities and languages can bring great benefits, and that diversity is a factor in economic, political and social stability and development. Our mission at the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) is to help ensure that migration benefits all concerned.

We are living in a world in which people have the power to bring about positive Change: By contributing their time in the form of paid or voluntary work, investing money, developing innovative ideas and sharing their expertise and experience, people are building bridges beyond national borders and are shaping sustainable development worldwide. We support migrants and international experts, enabling them to put their knowledge to the best possible use all around the world and giving them the opportunity to gain more in-depth experience in their fields at the same time. By acting in unison and solidarity, we can make migration work.

The example projects presented in our brochure “Changing world – CIM 2014/2014” provide an insight into what this means in practice. To download the brochure please click on the link in the left-hand column.