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Flyer Programm Migration für Entwicklung
Flyer Programm Migration für Entwicklung

Learn more about the CIM migration for development programme

Migrants are bridge builders between their countries of origin and the countries in which they currently live and work. With their skills, ideas, experience and contacts, they are key Drivers of change in both settings and help to ensure that their countries of origin can face the future with confidence. Many migrants contribute to their home countries’ development while living elsewhere: some establish diaspora organisations and carry out projects on a voluntary basis. Others set up businesses and build economic ties between countries, or promote cross-border scientific cooperation, or support friends and family by sending remittances. A significant number of migrants
decide at some point to return to their countries of origin on a temporary or permanent basis, enabling them to share their knowledge directly at the local level. At CIM we recognise the development potential that comes with migration. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), we therefore support engagement by migrants from developing and emerging countries and advise our partner
countries on ways of utilising migration for sustainable development.

Our Migration for Development Programme encompasses four areas of action:

  • Knowledge-sharing by returning experts
  • Cooperation with diaspora organisations
  • Business ideas for development
  • Migration policy advice

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