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Migration for development

Diaspora Experts

What you need to know:

+ You have to be originally from Cameroon or Ethiopia and currently living in Germany.

+ For us to support your assignment, you must have obtained your professional qualification in Germany and gained several yearsí experience in the area of work you wish to pursue in Ethiopia.

+ Our support is available for assignments of between three weeks and six months.


What we offer:

+ an expense allowance during your assignment (50 euros per day or 1,500 euros per month)

+ reimbursement of your travel costs and a basic insurance package

+ identification of suitable organisations interested in the know-how you gathered in Germany Ė unless you already have your own ideas on a potential organisation, in which case please let us know

+ logistical in-country support from the organization concerned or our staff in the country of originĖ for example in organising transport and accommodation