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Integrated Experts

Are you a highly qualified professional with years of experience? Would you like to help make this world a little better? Are you curious about other countries and sensitive to their cultures and ways of getting things done? Are you looking for a challenge involving international cooperation?

Then apply as an integrated expert. We place managers and technical experts in key positions in developing and transition countries. As an integrated expert, you are completely integrated into local structures Ė hence the name. 

Integrated experts work in state institutions, private companies, chambers and associations, and non-governmental organisations. Wherever they are employed, they pass on their professional knowledge and make a significant contribution to know-how transfer and capacity building in the partner country. 

International professional experience, intercultural skills, mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly important as our world becomes more internationalised. As an integrated expert you take up a position in one of our cooperation countries that is important to development policy there and have an opportunity to increase both your personal and professional qualifications.

Key areas for assignments
  • Private sector promotion
  • Environmental protection, water management 
  • Democracy and civil society
  • Health
  • Vocational training

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