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International human resources recruitment and placement
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International human resources recruitment and placement

A single individual in the right position can accomplish great things!

For more than 35 years we have been placing integrated experts and returning experts in jobs with employers in Germany's partner countries for international cooperation on behalf of the German Government.



Integrated experts are Germans or other Europeans whom CIM places as technical experts or managers with local employers in the civil service, the private sector or civil societies of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. It is local demand that is decisive: integrated experts occupy key positions for which the expertise is lacking in a particular country, or which cannot be filled by qualified persons under prevailing local employment conditions.

What is special about integrated experts:

  • Integrated experts, who are closely incorporated into on-site structures, transfer know-how sustainably. Responsibility and ownership remain in the hands of the local employer, whose sense of responsibility is thus strengthened. This ensures that change processes that are jointly set in motion continue to function even after the assignment has come to an end.
  • Integrated experts enjoy people's confidence. Whether they are working to eliminate corruption or are employed in civil society or the world of politics, they often occupy particularly sensitive positions.
  • CIM creates win-win situations. We place highly qualified experts in our partner countries. These experts then support those countries in achieving their development policy objectives efficiently. For its part, German industry benefits from having ideally qualified contacts in these technical experts and managers, with their rare combination of international professional experience, intercultural skills, and comprehensive knowledge of their country and its language.

Our service package:
The CIM service package includes: professional recruiting of qualified human resources on the German labour market, support of immigration formalities, and subsidies to local salaries. Before departure for their assignments abroad, experts prepare for their new positions through seminars in intercultural communication, studies of local culture, history and customs, and language courses, as well as further training in management and advisory skills.



Many people from developing and emerging countries live and work in Germany or have been trained and educated here. If they wish to return to their home countries to put their German know-how to use there, CIM offers them valuable support, both in the form of advisory and job placement services and financial subsidies to their local salaries for up to two years.

Once they are professionally integrated 'at home', returning experts play an important role in the sustainable economic, technological and social development of their countries of origin. They have acquired a valuable combination of professional know-how, international contacts, and intercultural and language skills.

We make good use of this human resources potential. Our support specifically targets the professional integration of university graduates and professionals from developing and emerging countries who want to return to their home countries. At the forefront of our efforts is the placement of such highly qualified persons in areas that are significant in terms of development policy.

As builders of bridges between Germany and their countries of origin, returning experts make a pivotal contribution to sustainable development and economic cooperation.



The pilot project Triple Win is a joint ZAV / GIZ effort to develop and test sustainable models for the recruitment of foreign experts for the German labour market. The objective is to take advantage of the benefits of labour migration while reducing its risks. In effect this means migration in the reverse direction: instead of placing experts abroad, this project focuses on bringing non-EU professionals into Germany.

Working with CIM, ZAV has already begun recruiting experts from non-EU countries as part of this project. GIZ's Business Unit for Migration is responsible for overall coordination. ZAV looks for qualified applicants through local GIZ networks in three pilot countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Philippines. The focus is on the STEM professions – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – as well as nursing. Expansion of the project to include additional cooperation countries and professions is under consideration.

There's a 'triple win' for...

… employers

  • who can fill vacancies created by the shortage of skilled workers
  • who gain new professional and intercultural competencies
  • who become more competitive and function more cost-effectively

… experts from outside the EU

  • who gain a job and a secure income
  • who can grow on both a professional and personal level

… the experts’ home countries

  • which gain highly qualified professionals, who return home from Germany with increased know-how and skills that advance their country's development
  • which profit from technology transfer
  • which derive financial support from the remittances of nationals living in Germany
For further information please click on http://www.triple-win-pflegekraefte.de/