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Cooperation with the DIHK: trade relations with Algeria
Integrated expert
Andreas Hergenröther
E-Mail: allemagne@fce-dz.org
Forum des Chefs d´Entreprises

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The human link between Algeria and Germany

Lawyer Andreas Hergenröther coordinates German-Algerian economic relations in the Algerian capital Algiers. Photo: Integrated Expert Andreas Hergenröther.
The context After decades of civil war, Algeria’s economy is booming today – and becoming increasingly attractive to German industry.
Objective A representation of German industry on site in Algeria is to help German companies to take better advantage of business opportunities on the local market.
CIM assignment As coordinator of German-Algerian business relations, a German lawyer informs businesses about the market situation, investment conditions and economic and labour law issues in both countries.
Financing CIM supports the expert himself; the DIHK (German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry) covers the equipment expenses for his assignment.
Algeria’s civil war isolated the country for a long time. But by the late 2004, the coordinating office for German-Algerian business relations was ready to open its doors in the heart of the Algerian capital Algiers. It is the first of its kind in Algeria. “The private sector is the motor of development in this country, which has been cut off now for decades,” says Andreas Hergenröther. The 35-year-old lawyer heads the coordinating office and acts as mediator to step up the pace of German-Algerian relations between businesses in both countries. His office is on the premises of the major Algerian business association, the Forum des Chefs d'Entreprises. CIM and the DIHK, the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, share the costs of his assignment as part of a public-private partnership. Hergenröther, who has had years of experience in the Maghreb, is the right man in the right place: Algeria’s economy is booming and is drawing more and more German investors into the country. The most promising sectors, in addition to oil and gas, are energy and water resources development, as a group of German businesspersons could see with their own eyes not long ago. As reading material for the flight home, the CIM expert gave them the business guide Investing in Algeria, which he had produced himself. The coordinating office was well received even half a year after its founding. It is to be converted this year into an official German chamber of foreign trade – with Hergenröther as managing director.