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CIMís strategic activities in Indonesia take place mainly in the development policy priority areas agreed between Indonesia and Germany. These areas are:
  • economic reform
  • health system
  • public transport system.

CIM is working to intensify future cooperation in reforming the health system in particular and in expanding the public transport system. It is also active in the area of decentralisation and good governance, a cross-cutting theme in German Development Cooperation.  

In response to the request of partners with special development policy relevance, CIM has also been promoting scientific research and technology in Indonesia. Here CIM makes use of its scope to act outside development policy priority areas. 

GIZ supports CIM in the implementation of its programmes on the ground and cooperates closely with CIM experts in, for example, the GIZ programmes:

  • Regional Economic Development in Central Java
  • Decentralisation and Good Governance.

With the Returning Experts Programme, CIM also supports, as it has for years, numerous Indonesian experts returning to Indonesia after studying, undertaking vocational training or working in Germany. They work primarily as

  • technical and managerial staff in the private sector
  • university lecturers in engineering and the natural sciences.

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Integrated Experts
Sebastian Schlebusch
E-Mail: sebastian.schlebusch@giz.de
Tel.: +49 (0)6196-79-3524
Returning Experts

E-Mail: return@cimonline.de
Tel.: +49 (0)6196-79-3366
External sources
Indonesia: "Still so much to do" (english, pdf 623.12 kb)