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Cooperation with the private sector: renewable energies in China
Integrated expert
Andreas Wöll
E-Mail: chinaandy@gmx.net
Shandong Linuo Paradigma Co. Ltd.

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An unfailing source of energy

Engineer Andreas Wöll talking with trainees in China. Photo: Integrated Expert Andreas Wöll.
the context In China, the supply of energy cannot keep pace with the country’s galloping economic growth.
Objective The use of renewable energies such as solar technology is to help cover the growing demand for energy.
CIM assignment In the field of modern solar technology, a German engineer is advising China’s leading company on how to introduce environmentally sound technologies and products.
Financing CIM and the German company Paradigma Energie- und Umwelttechnik are sharing the costs for the assignment of the CIM expert.
In China’s multi-million-population cities, it is not unusual for the electricity to fail during the summer months. Then the word goes out: save electricity. Whole apartment blocks are cut off from the grid. Companies switch their working hours to the evening or the weekends. CIM expert and engineer Andreas Wöll sees the use of solar thermal systems as an important step out of the Chinese energy crisis. “These can fill part of the energy supply gap with renewable energy,” says Wöll. For the past three years, his employer has been the German-Chinese joint venture Linuo Paradigma, China’s leader in technology for solar thermal systems. As the only enterprise of its kind in the country thus far, Linuo Paradigma manufactures solar thermal systems that meet European standards. Wöll heads the technical division there. His main task is to introduce innovative, environmentally sound technologies and products. In addition, the CIM expert trains Chinese engineers in applied solar technology and advises governmental and non-governmental institutions on modernising their technology standards. “Through this know-how and technology transfer, we bring modern developments in technology to the Chinese market,” he says. And since the copying of innovative technology is the order of the day in China, the sustainability of his assignment seems assured.