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Vocational training: “Vocational Education Development Center” (VEDC), Indonesia. Photo: Integrated Expert Ulrich Klaws.

CIM’s employer service package

Looking for someone for an important position in your organisation? No luck finding a qualified candidate in your area? With CIM’s assistance, you – an employer in a CIM partner country – can meet your human resources needs for capable and well-trained professionals. With a CIM integrated expert, you can achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently –  and at less expense.

Professional recruiting services on the German and European labour markets and attractive terms for topping-up local salaries are all part of the CIM service package. We place experienced, highly qualified managers and technical experts.

State and parastatal institutions, non-governmental organisations and private companies can all contact CIM about their human resources needs. 

Our efficient procedures and the streamlined administration at our office in Eschborn, Germany, let us solve your pressing staff problems quickly and competently.