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Do you work for a government, political institution or NGO? Are you looking for advice on migration policy? Do you need help developing migration strategies? Or would you like to get diaspora groups more involved in policy dialogue? We would be happy to advise you on these issues.

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  • Policy advice
  • Tailored and solution-oriented organisational advice
  • Diaspora dialogue

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  • a government
  • a political institution
  • an NGO focusing on diaspora and migration

Harnessing the potential of migration

Migration presents a complex set of challenges for governments. Legal migration continues to be governed by the immigration policies of host countries, making migration management more difficult for countries of origin. More often than not, there is insufficient data at the national level and no coherent strategy on migration issues. Furthermore, national institutions dealing with different aspects of migration are often fragmented, with unclear or overlapping responsibilities.

With good migration management and effective cooperation between the various institutions and actors involved, however, the significant potential of migration can be harnessed – provided it is shaped and managed in a way that benefits not only countries of origin and host countries but also migrants themselves.

Our expertise

Acting on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) advises on international migration policy. CIM offers a combination of migration and development expertise and practical support in more than 20 countries. It can also draw on a wealth of methodological expertise built up over many years. A particular feature of our work is our ability to engage in dialogue with partners quickly and directly through our staff on the ground. Our services include recruiting and placing experts who can advise your organisation directly and support you in strategic matters.

Real life experience

Michael Sauer is a consultant at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Kosovo, a country he has been committed to since 2001. He is fascinated by the dynamics of Europe’s youngest society whose population is only 25 on average.


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