Sustainable farming in Ghana: Issa Ouedraogo's new business shows how it’s done

Issa Ouedraogo, a business IT specialist who trained in Germany, spent many years working for international development organisations before returning to his native Ghana and setting up his own farming business.

Issa Ouedraogo

‘I believe that my role in business is to give people the skills and resources they need to improve their situation themselves.’

Farming with respect for people and in harmony with nature

Ouedraogo bought 112 hectares of fertile land in western Ghana and founded his business B-BOVID. Some 13 years later, this patch of earth has changed beyond all recognition. His huge model farm produces a tremendous range of fruits and vegetables. Between crops, Ouedraogo has also introduced livestock and fish. With his flair for business, he has shown that it is possible to make a profit from organic farming in Ghana while, at the same time, rejecting expensive fertilisers and chemicals, but not the use of modern technology.

The business idea

B-BOVID stands for Building Business on Values, Integrity and Dignity. With its model farm and wide range of training courses, B-BOVID has shown how organic farming can work in practice. The business generates an income not only from its courses but also from processing oil palms to make food and energy products. It receives supplies of raw materials from over 2,000 Ghanaian farms.

Ouedraogo bought 112 hectares of fertile land in western Ghana and founded his business B-BOVID.

Young Entrepreneurs from UK and Holland at B-Bovid Limited, Ghana to look for Business opportunities.

Knowledge transfer for Ghanaian farmers

In order to share this knowledge at the local level, B-BOVID offers a range of training courses that cover modern farming methods, business skills and IT. For a modest sum, farmers can borrow equipment from B-BOVID’s machine centre and find out how to use it. They learn how climate change is likely to affect people’s lives and work in future and what they can do to prepare themselves. They are also shown how to process their crops to make higher-value goods and how to track the latest market prices and the weather by mobile phone. Issa Ouedraogo has already received numerous accolades for his work, including the UN’s Social Investment Pioneer Award.

The business

B-BOVID – Building Business on Values, Integrity and Dignity

  • Established in 2004 with start-up capital of around EUR 730.
  • Area: approximately 182 hectares
  • Location: Sekondi-Takoradi, Western Region
  • 78 employees
  • Annual revenue: approx. EUR 900,000


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