Individual advice on job and training opportunities – Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Are you interested in CIM’s migration advice service but still have a few questions?
We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions.

What exactly does CIM’s migration advice service involve?

Our migration advice service combines information and advice on job opportunities and career paths. It is aimed at people who are looking for career openings either in their country of origin or in Germany. We arrange individual consultations at which you can find out about job, apprenticeship and further training opportunities in your own country or about the options for regular migration to Germany. If you are looking for work or an apprenticeship in Germany, we can tell you what requirements you will need to meet, which sectors are currently recruiting skilled workers and where you can find a language course. We also hold regular application training sessions and job fairs.

Where are the consultations held?

At CIM’s advice centres. We currently have advice centres in Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Tunisia and Morocco. Others are in the pipeline. If you wish to discuss your career options, you can book a face-to-face consultation with one of our advisors or request a telephone or online consultation.

Contact Albania
Telephone: +355 69 7060 005 (Mobilnummer)
DIMAK Albania

Contact Ghana
Telephone: +233 5567585 16
German-Ghanaian Centre

Contact Kosovo
Telephone: +383 38 22 33 44
DIMAK Kosovo

Contact Morocco
Telephone: +212 522 271 743 /
+212 522 490 069

Contact Senegal
Telephone: +221 33 825 87 21

Contact Serbia
Telefon: +381 11 24 01 681
DIMAK Serbia

Contact Tunisia
Telephone: +216 71 842 590
German-Tunisian Centre

Who can request advice?

Anyone looking for a new career opening can seek advice – whether it’s to find a job or apprenticeship, learn about in-job and wider training opportunities or discuss the options for regular migration to Germany. The service is also open to people who have returned to their home country after a short or long period spent abroad and are now looking for guidance and opportunities to make a fresh start.

What is the charge for a consultation?

The service is free.

I want to migrate to Germany. How can the advice centre help me?

Our centres can offer individual advice on the options for legal migration to Germany and explain what you need to do to make a success of the move. They can tell you, for example, which sectors and professions are currently looking for skilled workers, where you can find a language course and what you need to do to comply with the immigration rules.

I migrated to Germany, but recently came back to my home country. Can I request a consultation at the advice centre?

Yes, our centres also advise returnees. CIM’s advisors can offer guidance, help you search for new career openings and point you towards training, apprenticeship and job opportunities in your home country. If required, they can also refer you to organisations that provide psychosocial support.

I’m looking for work. Can the advice centre find me a job?

Our advisors can’t place you directly in a job. However, they have a good overview of which sectors are currently recruiting skilled workers. They can point you towards suitable employers and help you to apply for a job, e.g. through application and interview training. CIM’s advice centres also organise regular job fairs at which you can meet potential employers from many different companies.

I’d like to arrange a consultation, but I’m worried about my personal data being passed on.

Data protection is a top priority at our migration advice centres. Any personal information you choose to give us so that we can offer you suitable advice will be treated as confidential. We will not pass on your details without your consent.

I want to find suitable training to improve my job prospects. Can the advice centre help me?

Yes, our advice centres can provide details of training opportunities in your country of origin. Depending on availability, they can also point you towards training opportunities within various sectors, e.g. catering and manual trades, or advise you on starting your own business.

I’ve had no luck with my applications so far. Can the advice centre help me to improve my chances of finding a job or an apprenticeship?

Yes. CIM’s advice centres can help people looking for a job or apprenticeship to prepare for the application process. They can tell you which sectors are currently recruiting, show you how to prepare a more professional and eye-catching application and arrange job interview training. Our advice centres also organise regular job fairs at which you can meet potential employers from many different companies.

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