Engage yourself for the development of Morocco and Tunisia!

Do you think about working in your country of origin and sharing your knowledge? How can CIM support your engagement? Learn more about the CIM programme Migration & Diaspora and meet the CIM coordinators from Morocco and Tunisia!

Do you come from Morocco or Tunisia and are currently studying or working in Germany? Do you often find yourself wondering how to create impact to your country of origin using the skills you have acquired through your student or professional life in Germany? Are you toying with the idea of a long-term move back to your country of origin or wondering how you can make a difference as you continue working in Germany and sharing your experience during a voluntary short-term assignment or in a diaspora organization?

Country seminar Morocco and Tunisia

  • 13-15 December 2019 in Berlin


Participation requires a registration by e-mail to return@cimonline.de by no later than November 28th. Please use "CIM Morocco & Tunisia" in the subject line and add your current CV.

Engagement for your country of origin

The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) invites students, graduates and professionals from Morocco and Tunisia to attend a joint seminar and address your questions. CIM is here to help you get started through introducing opportunities of the Programme Migration & Diaspora and offering the platform to network with like-minded people.

When: Friday, December 13th , 6 pm until Sunday, December 15th, 2 pm
Where: Berlin (the location will be communicated to the selected participants)

How to participate: Send your CV to return@cimonline.de until no later than November 28th with the subject line: CIM Morocco & Tunisia.

We will select the participants from the applications we receive by this deadline. We will then send you a detailed invitation including the agenda or else an email rejecting your application. Please note that owing to the limited number of places available, we are not able to accept all applicants.

CIM will refund the travel expenses (within Germany) and offer board and lodging during the seminar.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Your Team Morocco & Tunisia