Launching a Career in Ecuador, Colombia or Peru

Experts from Latin America who are looking to return to their countries of origin and contribute their expertise there can find out about what we offer and what services we provide.


What comes next after studying?

Return to my home country or work in Germany? 
What needs to be borne in mind if I return to my home country?
What support does the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) offer in its Returning Experts programme?

Our advisors will answer these and other questions in the course of the two-day event in Berlin.

As well as details of our programmes we will also provide country-specific information about the local labour market and important networks in each country.

Students, graduates and professionals from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru who are interested in returning to their home country are eligible to attend.

Participants must register in advance by email:

Event date and venue
14 – 16 September 2018 in Berlin