Thinking of starting your own business in Tunisia? Find useful links and addresses here.

Are you thinking of starting your own business in your country of origin, Tunisia?

We have put together a selection of links on starting a business in Tunisia that we, our partners and Business Ideas for Development participants have found useful.

Ministries, chambers of commerce and organisations

Thorough research is essential when you are drafting a solid business plan. As well as conducting in-depth market analysis, you need to factor in the national regulatory framework. What is the tax and customs situation? Are there any currency restrictions? What administrative processes do you need to deal with? What state funding and training opportunities are there? Information on all these issues can be found on the websites of government ministries, chambers of commerce and other relevant organisations.

Ministre de la Formation Professionnelle et de l’Emploi Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi et le Travail Indépendant Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie et de l‘Innovation Union tunisienne de l’industrie, du commerce et de l’artisanat Chambres de commerce et de l’industrie de la Tunisie German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Germany Trade & Invest

Networks for start-ups


Starting a business is ultimately dependent on financing. In Tunisia, there are many private financial institutions and various public banks that specialise in financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, a number of investment companies also provide targeted support for innovative start-ups.

Le Fonds de Promotion et de Décentralisation Industrielles La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations – Gestion Société d’investissement à capital risque du groupe STB Swicorp Tuninvest (Africinvest) Phenicia Seed Fund (Alter-cap) IKDAM Banque de Financement des petites et moyennes entreprises (BFPME) Banque tunisienne de solidarité

News and information platforms

The following platforms provide further useful information and news about starting a business.

Made in Tunisia Medium „Leaders” Medium „Réalités“ Medium „Kapitalis“

Further information


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