Harnessing the potential of migration for development

What development policy approaches lie behind CIM’s work? This section contains a list of academic publications on the impacts and opportunities created by migration in the area of development cooperation. You will also find various guidelines that govern our work.

Studies of diaspora activities in Germany

The Iraqi Diaspora in Germany (2017) (PDF 2679658 kb) Gambische Diaspora in Deutschland (2019) (PDF 1839144 kb) Migrationsnetzwerke zwischen Deutschland und den Herkunftsstaaten Republik Albanien und Republik Kosovo (2016) (PDF 1686558 kb) Mapping and Study of the Palestinian Diaspora in Germany (2018) (PDF 1052960 kb) Mapping of and report on the Afghan Diaspora in Germany (2018) (PDF 2137810 kb) Entwicklungspolitisches Engagement marokkanischer Migrantenorganisationen in Deutschland (2016) (PDF 1232386 kb) Development activities of Moroccan migrant organisations in Germany (2016) (PDF 1178227 kb) La diaspora marocaine en Allemagne (2016) (PDF 1267544 kb) Studie und Mapping zur ägyptischen Diaspora in Deutschland (2016) (PDF 983471 kb) Study and mapping of the Egyptian Diaspora in Germany (2016) (PDF 945423 kb) Indonesians in Germany - their engagement in the development of Indonesia (2016) (PDF 890394 kb) Die ghanaische Diaspora in Deutschland (2016) (PDF 1054643 kb) The Ghanaian diaspora in Germany (2016) (PDF 993518 kb) Kamerunische Diaspora-Organisationen in Deutschland und ihr entwicklungspolitisches Engagement (2016) (PDF 1366687 kb) Cameroonian diaspora organisations in Germany and their development activities (2016) (PDF 1420959 kb) La diaspora camerounaise en Allemagne (2016) (PDF 1420959 kb) Die vietnamesische Diaspora in Deutschland (2016) (PDF 1161500 kb) The Vietnamese Diaspora in Germany (2016) (PDF 1114408 kb) An analysis of the engagement of the Kenyan diaspora in Germany (2015) (PDF 3751985 kb) An analysis of the engagement of the Nigerian diaspora in Germany (2015) (PDF 4241737 kb) Die kolumbianische Diaspora in Deutschland (2015) (PDF 3090715 kb) The Colombian diaspora in Germany (2015) (PDF 878905 kb) La diáspora colombiana en Alemania (2015) (PDF 3090715 kb) The Ethiopian Diaspora in Germany (2015) (PDF 3222540 kb) The Georgian Diaspora in Germany (2015) (PDF 34252262 kb)