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With its abundance of natural resources, dynamic markets and transparent institutions, Colombia’s economy offers great potential – and is ripe for innovation. So what better time to put your new ideas and business models to good use in your country of origin?

Story of an entrepreneur

Strong economic growth

Colombia has a bright future ahead. The 2016 peace agreement with FARC has led to further improvements in the domestic security situation. The country’s economy is expanding rapidly, its population is young and eager to spend money, and its middle class is growing. The government recognises the importance of the private sector in the country’s development and has introduced corresponding incentives and guarantees. The free trade agreement with the European Union, which entered into force in 2013, has also contributed to further economic liberalisation.

Some four million Colombians currently live outside Colombia, and around 14,000 in Germany. Diana Ramos was one of them. An environmental engineer, she trained in Germany and spent many years living and working there before returning to Colombia and starting her own business with support from Business Ideas for Development.

Colombia as a location for business start-ups

One thing many companies in Colombia are still lacking, especially in these times of change and upheaval, is a supply of fresh ideas and an international focus. This lack creates a wealth of opportunities – especially for Colombians who have studied and worked abroad, established a valuable network of international contacts and acquired foreign language skills – to fulfil their dreams with their own business models. The best opportunities currently lie in Colombia’s construction industry, particularly in the field of infrastructure projects, and in the industrial and commodities sectors, but there is also a great deal of potential for collaboration between Germany and Colombia on transnational business start-ups.

One of our partners

Financial expert Juan Pablo Garrido has worked in various jobs, including in investment banking and private equity in Colombia and the United States. Today he supports innovative start-ups in his country of origin Colombia.


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