To make sure that more money reaches the family back home

Mehret Haile still has a strong connection to the country of her birth, Ethiopia. She frequently supports her family there with smaller amounts. To make sure that more money reaches her relatives, she checks www. first to get an overview.

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Mehret Haile leads a life between two worlds. When she was nine years old, she came to Germany while several members of her family remained in Ethiopia. Her own children feel fully at home in Germany. As a development worker, she ensures food security in her native country. She frequently sends a part of her income to her relatives in northern Ethiopia. www.geldtransFAIR. de, a price comparison portal for international transfers, helps her save time and money.

Mehret Haile and her niece who lives in Ethiopia.

She frequently sends money to Ethiopia to support her family and cover the cost for her niece’s education.

An interview with Mehret Haile:

How did you come to Germany and what is your connection to Ethiopia?

I was nine years old when I came to Germany. My parents come from Ethiopia. The civil war in 1985 forced us to flee our home. First, we stayed at a refugee camp in Sudan. Then, my father was offered the chance to go to Germany. He wanted to give me and my sister a better academic education. I went to university, and today I work in the field of food security. Back then, my mother did not flee with us. She still lives in Ethiopia, together with my other sisters and my niece.

How important is it for you to support your family in Ethiopia?

My relatives don’t expect anything from me, but every cent I send helps. Even small amounts can go a long way. I don’t know anybody from there who doesn’t support their family financially. Most of the money I send goes towards my niece’s schooling. That’s a matter of course for me. And then there are emergency situations: just recently, my mother’s house was damaged by a storm, and I helped her so that she could rebuild it.

 Schnelle Vergleichsmöglichkeiten von Kosten für Auslandsüberweisungen bietet

For a quick overview of the cost of international transfers, she checks

How does work and how did you find the service?

Every time I send money abroad, I have to find a service provider. Naturally, this company charges a fee for its services; on top of that, there are the exchange rate fees. Transfer times vary as well, and possibly the money cannot be paid out everywhere. This market is not very transparent, and the research costs a lot of time. Then, a colleague told me about CIM’s comparison site, GeldtransFAIR.

What are the advantages of such a price comparison portal?

The great thing is that I can see everything at a glance. I simply enter the destination country and the site lists all service providers and their terms and conditions for me to compare. With a more reasonable company, I can make sure that more money reaches my family. The site is updated frequently. As my relatives live in northern Ethiopia, it is also important to me that they can withdraw the money in their town.

What is your hope for Ethiopia?

Besides freedom, what matters most to me is to promote education because knowledge is an investment in the future.

Both in her professional and private life, Mehret Haile deals with balanced nutrition.

As a development worker, she works on food security in her native country, Ethiopia.

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