Business Ideas for Development: Start your own business in your country of origin


What we offer

  • Individual coaching with our partner, Kompass, on drawing up and implementing a business plan
  • Financial assistance of up to EUR 5,000 to pay for specific measures and services before you found your new business, e.g. market and competition analyses, legal advice, technical advice, access to incubators and co-working spaces, travel to your home country to explore business opportunities and establish contacts
  • Networking with other business founders, potential business partners, business networks and incubators

Your profile

  • You are originally from Cameroon, Colombia, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia or Tunisia?
  • You already have a specific business idea and want to set up your own business in the next 12 months.
  • You currently live in Germany because you are studying or working here.

We can help you to set up your own business.

Do you live in Germany but come originally from Cameroon, Colombia, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia or Tunisia? Are you thinking of setting up a business in your country of origin? Do you already have a specific idea in mind?

We offer the advice and support you need to bring your idea to fruition and start a successful business in your home country. We help you every step of the way – before, during and after the initial start-up phase.

Our job is to give you the advice and support that you really need, depending on your business idea and your skills and experience. We finance certain measures and services in the start-up and development phase of your new business and also assist you in searching further financing options. Last but not least, we can put you in touch with other start-ups and successful entrepreneurs, and give you some valuable contacts.

Creating new opportunities through knowledge transfer and innovation

We believe that migrants in Germany can use their expertise and business ideas to support development in their country of origin. They generate economic growth and create new jobs. They act as a bridge for innovation and the transfer of knowledge, and in doing so create new opportunities – primarily for their country of origin, but also for Germany.

Real life experience

Aziz Chiki went to university in Germany and worked as a safety and security engineer. After 22 years abroad, he returned to Morocco to produce olive oil, primarily to help his home country.


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