Looking for an international expert?

Are you looking to fill an important position in your organisation, but having difficulty finding a qualified candidate? As an employer in one of our partner countries, we can help you find skilled and highly qualified experts from the EU to meet your HR needs.

What we offer

  • Placement of personell with a high degree of specialization from Germany and the EU without charge
  • Shortlist of applicants, allowing you to choose from the best candidates
  • Training for integrated experts in preparation for the assignment in your country
  • A salary top-up and allowances to cover travel and transport expenses for the outward and homeward journey
  • Support and a network of contacts for integrated experts during the assignment

Your responsibilities

  • Provide an employment contract, usually lasting two years.
  • Pay the integrated expert a salary in line with local rates, ensure that his/her workplace is properly equipped and reimburse any business travel expenses.
  • Apply and pay for the required work and residence permits.

Integrated expert is the term used for individuals with a high degree of specialization from Germany and the EU, specially selected by CIM/GIZ to fill key positions in your organisation. Such experts are assigned when the skillset you are looking for is not available on the local labour market in your country. You employ the expert from the EU on a local employment contract. She/he is fully integrated into your team – hence the name ‘integrated expert’. You pay the expert a salary based on local rates which is then topped up by CIM/GIZ, using funds from the German Federal Government.

The advantages for you

  • You create the profile you are looking for, choose from the best candidates and define joint objectives.
  • The integrated expert has specialist knowledge and years of professional experience that he/she passes on to your employees.
  • You benefit from new business relationships, sector networks and international contacts.


Four steps to finding an integrated expert

  1. You contact the GIZ office in your country, where you will receive further information and an application form.
  2. You submit a placement application and, together with GIZ, define the objectives you wish to achieve with the integrated expert.
  3. If the position to be filled is in line with the German Federal Government’s development objectives, CIM/GIZ looks for experts with the right profile and draws up a shortlist.
  4. You make the final choice of candidate.

Further information