Expertise from Germany for a nursing home in Ethiopia

Surafel Mengistu trained as a nurse in Germany. His desire to help others led him to volunteer in his native country, Ethiopia, where he applies his expertise at a nursing home of the Macadonias Humanitarian Association.

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“Home is where the heart is, no matter where you live.” Surafel Mengistu has returned, despite or because of the truth of the proverb, to his country of birth, Ethiopia. He was driven by his desire to help people. For the past six months, the trained nurse has worked at a care facility for the homeless, elderly and disabled in Addis Abeba. The CIM supports his volunteer work by covering his travel expenses and insurances and paying him an allowance.

Relying on each other: Surafel and his colleagues work in different departments taking on considerable responsibility.

Surafel always lends a friendly ear to his patients. “It is wonderful to experience how appreciative especially the old people are.“

An interview with Surafel Mengistu:

What is your professional background and why did you decide to volunteer in your birth country, Ethiopia?

I completed my nursing training at the University Hospital in Mainz, but I also wanted to gain experiences in my native country. Eventually, I found this project: a nursing home for homeless, old and disabled people in Ethiopia.  A friend of mine told me about the CIM where I learned that a partner organization was looking for a trained nurse. So I decided to leave my job in Germany and go volunteer in Addis Abeba for six months. The CIM covers my travel expenses and insurances and pays me a small allowance. That helps a lot.

Where do you find the motivation to do this volunteer work?

I think I got the desire to help others from my grandmother. She was so incredibly helpful and treated everybody so well, that had always impressed me. Helping to set up the new nursing home of the Macedonias Humanitarian Association is a fantastic challenge, and it also allows me to spend some time in my home country and to be closer to my family.

Krankenpfleger Surafel Mengistu und seine Kollegen kümmern sich mit vollem Einsatz um die Menschen im Pflegeheim.

“Working with the team is a lot of fun!” Nurse Surafel Mengistu and his coworkers take excellent care of the residents at the nursing home.

What are the challenges and the benefits of doing this work?

In the beginning, I had to get used to things not necessarily running so smoothly here. I began to assume responsibility very quickly: in organization matters, in the distribution of food and medication, in giving hygiene instructions. I pass on my knowledge and also learn a lot myself, for instance about fundraising. All these experiences give me a chance to grow personally. We are currently moving to a new and bigger building, so it is good that I am here right now to help with the move. Simply knowing that all this contributes to giving the residents a better future is absolutely worth the effort. There’s always a lot of improvisation going on, but working in this team here is a lot of fun.

How would you summarize your experience of the past six months?

Even though it’s been quite a challenge, I know that my boss can fully count on me, and I get a lot of recognition. It’s great to experience how appreciative everybody is, especially the old people. And it is wonderful for me to meet up with friends from my childhood again. I am very happy that this project has worked out for me, and I would recommend to anybody in Germany to do something like this. I can even imagine to continue working in Ethiopia.

There is plenty to do, and everybody lends a hand with the new facility of the Macedonias Humanitarian Association.

Surafel Mengistu with friends and colleagues: “I am happy this project has worked out for me, and I would recommend to anybody in Germany to do something like this.“

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