Below you will find all the dates and further information about our planned events.   


18 June 2019, Münster

To stay or to return?

What comes next after studying? Return to the country of origin or work in Germany? The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) introduces programmes for the return and the start as an employee or as an entrepreneur your country of origin. It informs about other possibilities how you can make a contribution to the development of your country of origin.

21-23 June 2019, Frankfurt

Information Event “Your contribution to the development of Jordan and Palestine"

Many people from developing and emerging countries work or have completed their studies / vocational training in Germany. With their knowledge, their ideas, experiences and contacts they shape sustainable changes and support their countries of origin or the country of their parents to stay fit for the future. The Center for International Migration and Development (CIM) sees great potential in this and specifically supports the involvement of students, graduates, professionals and members of migrant organizations from Jordan and Palestine and invites them to our information event.