Are you looking for qualified staff? This section contains answers to some of the questions most frequently asked about employers


How can I find an expert with expertise from the EU?

CIM finds and places individuals with experience in the EU on your behalf. In many cases, it also provides salary top-ups and allowances for travel expenses and workplace equipment.

If you are interested in CIM’s international personnel placement services, contact your local GIZ office.

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How does the placement process work?

Once you have contacted us, we will help you to prepare the official search request. CIM will then find suitable candidates for you and compile a shortlist. You ultimately decide who you take on.

What criteria does CIM use to select experts?

The experts we place have to meet high standards. For example, they have to have a university degree, professional experience, extensive specialist knowledge, a good grasp of the language of communication in your country, a strong sense of cultural sensitivity and a good understanding of working methods in your country.

Will I definitely be offered a choice of several candidates?

Not necessarily. The profile you are looking for may be difficult to find on the German or EU labour market and we may therefore only be able to offer you one candidate to begin with. You can always decide to keep looking or to change the profile slightly.

How does CIM find candidates with the required profile and how is the employer involved in the selection process?

We look for experts on the German and EU labour markets and conduct qualified pre-selection interviews on your behalf to assess technical aptitude as well as language and intercultural skills. We then provide a shortlist of suitable candidates. The final decision about who to recruit lies with you.

What kind of salary should I pay?

You enter into a local employment contract with the expert and pay a salary at the local going rate. This salary should be comparable to salaries paid for similar positions in your organisation or country.

As an employer, am I responsible for providing accommodation?

You are under no obligation to provide accommodation. However, you should be prepared to help the expert look for suitable accommodation.

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