Migration Shaping migration policy, harnessing the potential of migration – Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Are you interested in CIM’s migration policy consulting service, but still have a few questions?

We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions.

Why does CIM advise on migration policy?

Because we firmly believe that migration presents us with great opportunities as well as challenges. An effective migration policy can deliver many benefits – for the host country, the country of origin and migrants themselves. This is the principle that underlies our approach to migration policy consulting. We support the efforts of our partner countries to develop their own strategies on migration and mobility and to embed those strategies in legislation so that they can promote and harness the potential of migration for sustainable development as effectively as possible. This approach also reduces the risk of irregular migration. 

Who is our migration policy advisory service aimed at?

Our focus is on supporting structural change at the political level. To this end, our service is primarily aimed at governments and at political institutions and non-governmental organisations that deal with migration issues.

What does our migration policy consulting service involve?

Our consulting service combines various approaches. One of these involves advising relevant institutions and organisations in our partner countries in order to help them develop a coherent national migration strategy that balances and reflects the different aspects and demands of foreign, domestic, education and labour market policy.

We also advise on the practical implementation of these migration strategies and bring together the required stakeholders. This way, we can also encourage and support dialogue between our partner countries and their respective diasporas in Germany. We provide expert advice on labour migration, on return and reintegration and on migration and development.

We also support efforts to make institutional improvements and to build the capacity of our partner organisations as a way of integrating the issue of migration into labour market processes.  

How exactly does CIM provide advice on migration policy, and who delivers that advice?

CIM places carefully selected experts on limited-term assignments with various institutions in its partner countries so that they can contribute and pass on their knowledge in specific areas. Their role is to help local organisations to harness the potential of migration in many different areas, e.g. labour migration, return and reintegration, and migration and development. They also facilitate contact between key stakeholders at the national and international levels and promote dialogue between the partner country and its diaspora in Germany.

In addition, CIM has its own staff in each partner country. This ensures greater proximity between CIM and its partners. If necessary, we can arrange face-to-face meetings with them, find out what their expectations are and work together to find solutions.

I have built up a lot of knowledge and experience in the area of migration and would like to work as a migration policy advisor. Are there openings through CIM?

Yes, opportunities do arise from time to time. CIM assigns experts to advise key institutions in its partner countries on migration policy. If you have a strong background in migration policy and would like to pass that knowledge on to others, you may be a suitable candidate for one of our consulting assignments with a partner institution. If so, you can apply to us for a position as a short-term or long-term expert or as an integrated expert. You can find a list of available positions in the vacancies section of our website.

If you have a migration background and wish to return to your country of origin, you may be able to find a role advising on migration policy as a ‘returning expert’. We will try our best to help you find a suitable position.

Real life experience: Migration policy consulting in Kosovo Integrated experts Returning experts

In which countries does CIM advise on migration policy?

We piloted our migration policy consulting service in the form of individual measures in Ghana, Moldova and Colombia. However, there are plans to expand the service in the long term. We are currently preparing to launch the service in the Western Balkans and thereafter in other countries.

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