From the initial idea through to implementation – we support you in getting your new business up and running

Before you can set up a new business, you need to learn as much as you can about the challenges and risks you are likely to face. CIM is there to help start-ups establish a strong foundation for their business.

Setting up a business in an emerging economy or developing country can be very challenging. However, if you come from one of these countries you have a distinct advantage. You know the language and the culture, you have a stronger emotional connection to the country, and you know where the main sources of frustration are likely to arise. Even so, you will still have to deal with obstacles such as time-consuming bureaucracy, complex laws and difficulties in obtaining a loan.

So there are plenty of questions to answer before you can start to put your ideas into action. We bring together people who are keen to start up their own business with other entrepreneurs who have already done so. We help you to define your objectives and remain focused on them. You can also discuss your worries and your experiences with other start-up founders. Find out more about how we can help you take those first steps.

The business idea

Business success depends crucially on having a great idea. Putting an entirely new idea into practice can be very lucrative. You can also be just as successful by judiciously copying and exporting a good idea. Not everything that works well in Germany will prove successful in other countries, however. We help you assess whether your business idea has a good chance of succeeding in your target market and, if necessary, we can help you to adapt it.

Market research

To find out if your business idea will work in your target country, you need information and good local contacts. You need to talk to potential customers, competitors, suppliers, possible business partners, banks and perhaps even with the regulatory authorities.

We advise you on conducting local market research, and we can put you in touch with important contacts and open doors for you.

The business plan

Your business plan provides a framework for the efficient implementation of your project and, at a later stage, for evaluating your success. It is mainly designed for your own purposes. It helps you to structure your ideas and thoughts and to make them understandable to others. It also helps you to identify potential risks and weaknesses before you get started, thus reducing the chances of failure. Together with your financial plan, your business plan will be at the centre of your efforts to persuade the bank and potential business partners that your idea is worth backing.

We help you to draw up a business plan and check whether it is in fact viable. We put you in touch with experienced business start-up advisors, with whom you can discuss all the main issues. Our local teams can help you clarify important questions. For instance: What is the right legal form for my business? How much tax will I have to pay? How do I get my products through customs? Where can I obtain a licence to work as an advisor?


It is usually very difficult to set up a business without some money of your own. Depending on the nature of your business idea, you may also need to seek additional capital. In some countries this can be arranged in the form of a loan, a guarantee or a state-backed funding scheme. Although the conditions may vary, some things are always necessary. If you need a loan, you will be expected to contribute some of your own money and deposit it as a guarantee. You will also need to provide some form of security.

We help you to gain an overview of your financial situation and make a realistic assessment of your capital requirements. You can also call on us for advice if you need to approach banks and potential investors. While our focus is on helping you to produce a convincing business plan and a solid financial plan, we can also put you in direct contact with the right people.


Finally, it’s time to launch your business. Your business plan is ready, and you have arranged the financing you need. You’ve made all your preparations and cleared up any remaining doubts. Now you want to put your plans into action. We will still be there to support you during and after the launch phase and can advise you if any problems arise.

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