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Blerina Berisha develops smartphone apps for an Austrian IT company in Pristina, Kosovo. The German Information Points for Migration, Vocational Training and Careers Advice (DIMAK) gave her the decisive input for her career start.

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Blerina Berisha’s father is a software developer. Already as a small child, she wanted to follow in his footsteps. After finishing school, she enrolled in an IT and engineering program in her home country, Kosovo. Her original plan was to complete her undergraduate studies and then go to Germany to do her master’s. However, she discovered a perfect career opportunity right at home in Kosovo – thanks to the consulting services of the German Information Points for Migration, Vocational Training and Careers Advice (DIMAK) and a local career fair in Pristina. In-depth job application training finally helped her to success.

Blerina Berisha always wanted to work with computers. Today, this dream has become a reality.

Blerina Berisha with colleagues at the office: app development is teamwork.

An interview with Blerina Berisha:

What do you do professionally and how would you describe your work?

I am a software developer. I would say, programming is a little like preparing a meal together with friends: you work as a team, and everybody contributes what they do best. The result may not always be perfect on the first try and you may need to do some more touching-up – add a little more salt and pepper maybe. But in the end, the result is really good.

How did you get into this field?

After finishing school, I studied IT and engineering. As the universities in Kosovo don’t offer master’s programs in these fields yet, I wanted to go to Germany to continue my studies right after graduation. So, I went to the DIMAK to learn about the options I had.

 Sich an das DIMAK zu wenden hat sich für Blerina Berisha gelohnt. So kam sie zu ihrem heutigen Job.

Contacting the DIMAK was worth her effort. This is how Blerina Berisha found her current job.

How did the DIMAK support you on your path?

The counselor at the DIMAK took her time to talk to me. She not only gave me information on graduate programs in Germany, but also told me about career opportunities in Kosovo. Together, we went over my application documents and went on to discuss my work experience, which is the second crucial factor in the IT sector, besides a quality education.
Ultimately, I decided to try applying for a job in Kosovo first. To increase my chances on the job market, the counselor offered me job application training. This helped me put together an attractive résumé, improve my cover letter, and feel more confident when interviewing.

How did you find the company you work for today?

I work for an Austrian IT company with a subsidiary in Pristina. I got to know them at a job fair here in Pristina which was organized by the DIMAK. They immediately caught my eye because their focus is on smartphone app development, an area I am particularly interested in. So, I applied – and they made me an offer.

What are your future career plans?

Right now, Kosovo is becoming increasingly attractive to start-ups, especially in the tech industry. I am still planning to go to Germany to get a master’s degree, but for the time being, I am very happy with where I am and want to continue to work in my home country in the long term. I love being at home and still working in an international environment. It’s definitely the best of both worlds for me. It’s important to me to gain international experiences and study abroad, but it is equally important to share this new knowledge. This is why I would like to eventually become a university professor to pass on my expertise to others.

In addition to individual consulting services, the DIMAK also offers job application training.

Blerina Berisha works as an app developer for an IT company in Pristina.

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