Apply now and help bring about change in your home country.

We are looking for people who come from one of our partner countries, who have completed a degree course in Germany or gained considerable expertise in the working world, and who now wish to return to their country of origin and make a useful contribution.

What we offer

  • A suitable job with a local employer
  • A top-up on your local salary
  • Training allowances
  • Paid travel and relocation expenses
  • Workplace equipment
  • Individual advice on returning to your country of origin and career planning
  • Local support network

Your profile

  • You are a citizen of, or have a migration background in, a developing country, emerging economy or a country in transition.
  • You have completed your education or training in Germany or gained at least two years’ professional experience.
  • You are currently resident in Germany.
  • You wish to return to one of our partner countries. 
  • You would like to find a job that contributes to development in the employer’s home country.

Interested? Then apply now to work as a returning expert.

The term ‘returning expert’ is used for those who have gained technical or managerial skills through study and work in Germany and who then go on to use their knowledge and expertise in their country of origin. We provide all the support you need for your return, from finding a job with a suitable employer through to establishing a network of contacts in your home country. We are there to guide you through the entire process and ensure that your return is a success – for you, your employer and your home country.

Promoting development through knowledge transfer

CIM’s returning experts programme focuses on the transfer of knowledge in specific areas. We do this by recruiting people from one of our partner countries who have studied or worked in Germany and placing them with local employers in their home country. Our aim is to find exactly the right position for you, where you can use your knowledge, experience and contacts to everyone’s benefit – yourself as a returning expert, but also your employer, your home country and, not least, Germany.

This offer currently applies to Ethiopia, Albania, Ecuador, Georgia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Cameroon, Kenya, Colombia, Kosovo, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Peru, Senegal, Serbia, Ukraine, Tunisia and Viet Nam.

Real life experience

Places to relax that may save lives in case of emergency

Apekshya Dhungel was studying landscape architecture in Freising when an earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. She returned to Kathmandu to apply her knowledge to the reconstruction efforts. Her area of expertise: open spaces.

Are you interested in what we have to offer?

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Apply now or request support funding

If you would like to work as a returning expert in your country of origin, you have two options:

1. You can apply for a vacancy, and CIM will place you with the local employer. We will provide individual advice, and once you have been placed with an employer, you can apply for a top-up on your local salary and to have your travel and relocation costs met.

2. If there is no suitable post for you on our ‘Job opportunities’ page, you can submit a speculative application. Alternatively, if you have already found a post, you can apply for the support funding we offer.

Due to the current situation, processing applications can be delayed. We would like to encourage you to apply anyway and ask for your patience.

Country seminars

CIM organises country seminars at regular intervals. These events are designed to offer information and advice to potential returning experts on the programme in each of our priority countries.