A bridge between the world and the German labour market

International Placement Services (ZAV) is a division of the German Federal Employment Agency and one of the two partners that make up CIM. ZAV has been contributing its experience with international recruitment since 1980.

International Placement Services (ZAV)

  • Offices in Bonn, Eschborn and other cities
  • Around 500 employees
  • Office of the German Federal Employment Agency

International Placement Services (ZAV) advises employees and employers in many different sectors of the economy. Its services are targeted at specific groups and cover the recruitment of international personnel and the placement of artists. ZAV helps employers all over Germany to find the right people for their vacancies and helps employees integrate into the German labour market.

Recruiting skilled personnel for CIM

Within CIM, the International Placement Services (ZAV) is responsible for recruiting skilled workers with a high degree of specialisation on the labour markets in Germany, the EU and the EFTA countries. In addition to the announcement of vacancies and personnel marketing for the CIM, ZAV's recruiters are also responsible for the pre-selection of suitable candidates.